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Form submissions are only answered during normal business hours. Have an emergency? Please call 281-332-9555



Form submissions are only answered during normal business hours. Have an emergency? Please call 281-332-9555

Weeks Service Company Generator Installation & Service

When power outages occur they affect our safety, comfort, health and overall security, and when they are long-term they can sometimes become very dangerous. Many homes or business appliances that perform vital functions like refrigerating food, record and save important information or power communication with the outside world are dependent on electricity, and when it goes out things can quickly take a serious and even dangerous turn.

By installing a backup generator by Weeks Service Company, you are ensuring that in the case of an electrical emergency your home or business will still have access to power that is vital to ensuring your safety and convenience. If you experience a blackout, the backup generator will automatically restore your power and can provide electricity for several days. It will switch on automatically whether you are there or not. This instant transfer ensures the continuation of power at the proper voltage and keeps appliances safe from power surges.

Benefits of a Generator

  • Peace of mind whether you’re at home or away
  • Comfort and Connectivity
  • Automatic distribution of electricity
  • Continuous use of electricity
  • Protection for your home electrical system from voltage fluctuations and surges
  • Uninterrupted security

With a backup generator you never have to worry about losing data or other important work. When a power failure is detected your generator will kick on and protect your important data and devices. If you have servers in your home or business that need to run constantly, ensuring the safety of those servers is possible with a backup generator.

The size of the emergency generator you need depends on how much you will need to use it during a power outage. Common examples include:

  • Central Heating & Air
  • Computers
  • Refrigerators & Food Storage
  • Medical Equipment
  • Water Heaters
  • Household Appliances
  • Security Systems

Commercial Generator Installation & Service

When power outages occur at your business it can be catastrophic, resulting in the loss of important data while affecting your sales and your overall business. It only makes sense for businesses and commercial buildings to invest in a backup generator so that you can continue providing your services in the case of a blackout or electrical emergency.

Having a reliable emergency power source in place before a disaster strikes will help fortify your business in times of emergency, and also help protect any people who are in that building who may need to stay. While other businesses may be forced to shutter when faced with an electrical emergency, with an emergency generator in place you can get back to doing what you do best and protect what’s most important to your business.

Superior Generator Maintenance

At Weeks Service Company we provide maintenance for residential and commercial generators for residents of League City, Houston and surrounding areas. Our trusted and licensed HVAC technicians are highly-skilled and have years of experience working with all types of generators. They make it their mission to stay up to date on all the latest education and skills for generator maintenance, with experience working on earlier models as well as the newest, most advanced generators available today. We want you to have access to emergency power when you need it, and regular maintenance on your generators will ensure you have it.

Typical Generator Maintenance Includes:

  • Removal of worn out parts
  • Upgrading parts
  • Checking fluid levels
  • Battery inspection
  • Cleaning connections
  • Load Bank testing
  • Checking control panel reading
  • Changing fuel and air filters

At Weeks Service Company we are here for all of your residential and commercial generator needs. Call us at 281-738-1362 to schedule an appointment today!