Are You Really Willing to Pay the Electric Company Almost $33 EXTRA Each Month?

Did you know an unmaintained air conditioning system can actually cost you an extra $33 each month? It’s like giving your hard-earned money to the electric company. This year take a stand!
Invest in Our $89 Ultimate Air Conditioner Tune-Up
We will completely revitalize your air conditioning system to save you money and keep you cool… Guaranteed.

These Are Just a Few of the Things Your Ultimate Tune-Up Will Include:

  • Check & clean the condenser coil to increase efficiency
  • Check & clean the evaporator coil to increase efficiency (if accessible)
  • Lubrication of all moving parts to reduce wear
  • Check Freon charge
  • Thermostat calibration
  • Check all duct work for air leaks
  • Plus 17 other money saving steps!

$89 Ultimate Air Conditioner Tune-Up

Why Do It Now?

Because during the month of March I am going to offer this service at the substantially reduced price of $89. This is a whopping “Real World” savings of $69.50. It’s early spring and our service business isn’t in full swing yet, so my technicians can spend extra time pampering your system back to new!

With Our Ultimate Twin Guarantee, You Can’t Lose

You will save at least $100 on your electric bill during the next 6 months, plus your unit won’t breakdown…OR THIS SERVICE IS FREE. It’s as simple as that, no questions, no quibbling, no hassle…guaranteed.

Call Before April 15th and Receive a Special Bonus

Call and schedule your tune-up before April 15th and I will give your outdoor unit a special rust proof coating to extend its life to the fullest. (A $33 value)
Call 281-332-9555 or 1-800-443-3992 today to schedule your Ultimate Tune-Up for only $89, or schedule online at

Price is $89 per system. If you have more than 1 system, please multiply $89 x the number of systems to get price. Copyright 2022 Regulated by Texas Dept of Licensing & Regulation / P O Box 12157 / Austin, TX 78711 / 800-803-9202 /

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