Air Conditioning: What Issues Regular AC Maintenance Can Resolve


Your air conditioning unit can seem like a mystery: sometimes it works the way you want it to and sometimes it doesn’t. If you’re not well versed in HVAC lingo, you may not even know where to start with air conditioning repair. Well, you may actually be able to jump the gun here because air conditioning preventative maintenance can keep your unit running more efficiently for longer, making air conditioning repair services unnecessary for the time being. Here are some issues regular AC maintenance can resolve:

Issues Regular AC Maintenance Can Resolve

  • AC is on but not cooling
  • Heater is on but not heating
  • Furnace is blowing cold air
  • Air conditioning is blowing warm air
  • The air in my home smells musty
  • Condensation is building on the HVAC unit
  • HVAC unit is making strange noises

Home AC Maintenance Checklist

Residential air conditioning maintenance is a methodical system performed by an HVAC professional using a checklist. At Weeks Service Co., these are the things we take into account when performing AC maintenance services:

  • Check the refrigerant levels in the AC
  • Inspect outdoor condenser coils
  • Check indoor evaporator units
  • Investigate condensate drains and drain pans
  • Examine outdoor fan motor and fan blades
  • Inspect indoor blower
  • Make sure compressor and refrigerant tubing are OK
  • Lubricate AC parts, as needed
  • Study electrical settings: controls, wires, connections, etc.
  • Look in ductwork for leaks and other issues
  • Perform general system test

Call Weeks for AC Maintenance Services

Anything to do with your air conditioning system can seem daunting, but don’t worry, our friendly Weeks Service Company representatives are here to help. If this blog didn’t clear up all your questions, please feel free to call our office for the other answers you’re looking for. We can help with questions about air conditioning service, AC maintenance cost, air conditioner maintenance schedule, and more.

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