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Electricity and Water: Poolside Tips To Staying Safe This Summer

This summer, make sure you don’t find yourself swimming with shocks! Electricity and water never mix. These 6 electrical poolside tips are key to ensuring you and your family stay safe this summer.

1. Have Your Wiring Inspected

You need to make sure your pool or hot tub wiring is safe and meets all of the NEC (National Electrical Code) requirements. Hire a professional electrician to inspect and upgrade your wiring if need be to get you through the summer.

2. Keep Electrical Items Away From Water

Whether electrical cords, wires, or appliances, make sure to keep anything away from water – by at least 6 feet. When you can, you should look into using battery-operated appliances and equipment that are waterproof or water-resistant to avoid any electrical malfunctions or shock.

3. Don’t Swim During A Storm

When lightning strikes water, water conducts electricity. That’s why you should never swim during thunder and lightning. You could risk getting seriously injured or killed by a lightning strike. Anytime you hear thunder and lightning, take it as a sign it’s time to get out of the pool and head inside.

4. Don’t Touch Electronics While Wet

Always avoid touching ANY electrical items when you’re wet or when you are touching wet surfaces, such as walking along the pool while barefoot. This includes things like a charging cell phone or radio. Always dry off before ever touching electrical items.

5. Use GFCI Outlets

Use ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets for all electrical devices that are used outside. If water does accidentally come into contact with one of your electronics, this GFCI outlet will help protect you against electrocutions and electric shock. GFCI outlets are a special type of outlet that is designed to detect imbalances in the electrical current, and will shut off power before you can get injured from a shock.

6. Don’t Swim If There’s Faulty Lighting or Wiring

Underwater lighting that is flickering or buzzing shouldn’t be ignored. Don’t swim if you notice issues with your lighting, or if you notice corroded wires or other faulty wiring, as this could cause the electricity to seep into the water and electrocute you. Call a licensed electrician right away.

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