hvac financing

You may have played with the idea of installing a new HVAC system, or significantly upgrading the current system in place, but there’s quite a bit to consider before taking on such a project! Maybe you’ve done the research on exactly what type of upgrades you need based on the available options, and what best suits your local area. You’ve also already developed an idea for how long the downtime of your residence from such a project might be, and you’re ready to move on to the largest hurdle yet – price. Depending on the circumstances an HVAC system upgrade can have prohibitive costs. The financial question coupled with such an obstructive event at your residence is a one-two punch to delay an upgrade or forget about it all together. Here we will discuss some potential benefits to HVAC financing.


The Energy Bill

First and foremost, by renovating your system, you’ve already scaled down the monthly payments on your monthly bills. Chances are if an old HVAC system is worthy of replacement, it has already reached a threshold of inefficiency that’s been costing you extra money over time anyway. As the efficiency of the appliance continues to degrade, the operating cost will proportionally rise, as you’d expect. Replacing the system will start paying itself off every month in the way of lowered energy bills.


The Health Benefits

A direct link between your HVAC system and your health exists. Having clean air to breath makes people sick less. Those of us with heightened sensitivity to issues of air quality, like those with asthma, will find it much easier to breath in a home with improved filtration and performance. This means less days off work, faster recovery times if you do get sick, and is generally a holistic bonus to your mind and body. Even if there wasn’t a financial benefit like avoiding doctors, medication, sick days etc, it may be worth it to you anyway to consider this as a huge plus.


The Payment Options

Finally, let’s directly tackle the issue of restrictive pricing. Shiny, new appliances typically carry the price tag you would expect. The great news is you won’t have to pay for the whole thing at once. There’s plenty of programs competing with one another to your benefit, this means low monthly payments, and low interest rates.


Call Weeks Service Co. to Learn About Our HVAC Financing Options

If you need a new HVAC system then consider that for potentially low interest, monthly payments on top of a reduced power bill every month it is obtainable! Improved health, reduced bills, and raised home value for the trouble of some paperwork and monthly payments. It’ll make itself back in no time! So, if you decide that financing is right for you, don’t be alarmed by the sticker shock of a new air conditioner, heater, or filtration system, and the accompanying reputable contractor. Give Weeks Service Company a call today to speak with an expert and figure out of financing is the right solution for you!