Even people who don’t typically suffer from seasonal allergies have felt the itch this season. Something different is in the air, and apparently, we’re all allergic to it. Besides building immunity in your body for Claritin or its next-best generic equivalent, there are many things you can do to try to quell your pollen allergies. Here’s the importance of HVAC maintenance for seasonal allergies:

On-Time Air Filter Replacement

Your air filter is the one gossamer thing standing between your lungs and the debris-riddled air. Unlike a messy living room, a messy air filter is easy to ignore because it’s not visibly haunting you each time you step into a room. But the dust lining your air filter is haunting your every breath if you don’t change it on time.

We recommend that you change your filter at least once every three months. We also change your filter for you when you schedule HVAC maintenance with us.


Duct Cleaning

Your air filter gets clogged and must be replaced every one to three months, so just imagine what horrors await you in your duct system. Dust, pollen, debris, insect droppings, pests—all these things and more are lining the very tunnels through which your indoor air is generated.


As part of our HVAC maintenance services, we offer duct cleaning.

HVAC System Cleaning

Where does all the debris from your duct system come from? There are several different sources, namely things that blow in from the outside and dead skin cells (it’s gross, but it’s the truth). However, this debris not only makes its way into the air in your home but also eventually accumulates and rests a thick layer of dust on your HVAC unit, the very source of your indoor air.

As part of our HVAC maintenance services, we clean your HVAC system, which can help reduce your pollen allergy symptoms.

HVAC System Disinfectant

Allergies are birthed from more than pollen and dust, however. Unfortunately, you also have to worry about bacteria. The itch in your throat might not be allergies after all, but the first signs of a cold.

Our HVAC maintenance services not only provide HVAC unit cleaning but also disinfecting. Your hot HVAC unit, complete with condensation, provides a tropical environment that’s perfect for bacteria growth. Let us take care of that for you.


In warmth and moisture, mold and bacteria grow and thrive. Your HVAC system works hard, and when you work hard you sweat. The unit gets hot, working to heat your home in the winter, and condensation gets created. The air in your home during the winter tends to get dry, but while you’re working to humidify your home, your HVAC unit needs dehumidification services.

We provide these when you call us for general HVAC maintenance services.

That’s the importance of HVAC maintenance for seasonal allergies. If you’re ready to end your suffering from pollen allergies in your own home, call Weeks Service Company to schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment.