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Interesting Facts About Drain Cleaning Every Homeowner Should Know

Since 1972, we’ve been handling even your most complex plumbing issues. We have an in depth understanding about drain cleaning and all that comes with it. A lot goes into drain cleaning to ensure your drains and your pipes stay in good condition. That’s why it’s often recommended to hire a professional drain cleaning company for all your drain cleaning needs. There are many interesting facts about drain cleaning that every homeowner should know about – and that many don’t know already.

  1. Drain Cleaners Are A Big Drain-No!

We’ve all experienced a drain clog at one time or another, whether in our shower drain, kitchen drain, or bathroom sink. The first thing homeowners normally do is go to the store and grab a chemical drain cleaner off the shelf. However, drain cleaners are actually harmful to your drains and you should avoid using them. When the chemicals inside these cleaners sit, they can hurt your pipes. We recommend you ditch the store-bought drain cleaners and schedule a professional drain cleaning instead.

  1. Drain Cleaning is A Routine Maintenance Job

Often times, homeowners don’t take time to clean their drains until there’s a problem – such as a clog. However, we’re here to tell you that drain cleaning actually should be a routine maintenance job. If you schedule professional drain cleaning at least once a year, then you can help your drains overall performance while also eliminating any build-up that could eventually lead to clogs.

  1. Clogs Are More Than Just A Nuisance – They Are Actually Harmful

We can all agree that clogged drains are annoying. However, did you know they are also harmful to your pipes? Clogs can lead to corrosion over time, which could also cause pipe leaks and flooding to occur. You should address your plumbing at the first sign of an issue, even if the issue appears small. A small problem can become much bigger over time if not addressed right away.

  1. Professional-Grade Drain Cleaning Tools Are Better

It may be obvious, but we felt that it’s something worth addressing anyways. Professional-grade drain cleaning tools are better than anything you may have in your home or at the store. For example, you may have a drain snake laying around. That’ a helpful tool for clearing simple clogs. However, professional plumbers are equipped with motorized drain snakes that are capable of clearing the most obstinate clogs – something that a simple drain snake may not be able to get through.

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