Join Our Standby Generator Maintenance Plan

At Weeks Service Company, we offer a standby generator maintenance plan where you can reap the benefits of a precision tune-up and professional cleaning once a year. Don’t be left in the dark, and join our standby generator maintenance plan today!

Why Join Our Maintenance Plan Agreement

Our annual maintenance plan is an exceptional way to prolong the life of  your standby generator and help cut costly repairs.  This type of equipment service is industry recognized as the best way to ensure that when your power goes out, your standby generator will fire up the very first time.

Standby Generator Maintenance Plan

Our Standby Generator Maintenance Plan

When you join our maintenance plan, you’re automatically identified as a “Preferred Customer” which entitles you to priority service, cash discounts, and many other benefits. You can rest assured that with this plan, your home, your family, and your budget will all be protected.

What’s All Included In A Standby Generator Maintenance Plan?

Our technicians will inspect and check all components of your generator, including but not limited to:

  • Inspect of all cooling system hoses and adjustment of hose clamp if necessary
  • Inspect engine belts and belt tensions, with adjustment if necessary
  • Inspect engine block heater for proper operation and flow
  • Inspect and clean generator controller and area, if required
  • Inspect and clean gauges for proper operation and adjust if needed
  • Inspect exhaust system and silencer for leaks and deterioration
  • Drain moisture for exhaust piping (if equipped)
  • Check batteries for water level, level of charge and corrosion on terminals
  • Check shut down functions, including emergency stop for proper operation
  • Inspect automatic transfer switch for proper operation, with or without load
  • Check time delays in automatic transfer switch for settings
  • Check and adjust exercise clock timer in automatic transfer switch
  • Verify proper operation of remote annunciator panel
  • Check all bulbs in controller for proper operation
  • Inspect and test both engine battery charging alternator and the system battery charger (and adjust if necessary)
  • Start and run generator set to verify proper operation of uni
  • Check anti-freeze/coolant level and adjust if necessary
  • Inspect generator for oil and coolant leaks
  • Check fuel system, including day tank or transfer tank (if equipped)
  • Check lubricating oil and filter
  • Change air filter
  • Change spark plugs

Standby Generator Maintenance Plan Benefits

When you join our maintenance plan, we consider you a “Preferred Customer” meaning you get priority service and special cash discounts. There are many benefits to joining our maintenance plan, including:

  • Priority service
  • Fully transferable to your new home in the local area or subsequent owners of the current home
  • 90 day warranty on all repairs, parts and workmanship
  • And more!

Receive all these benefits for:

  • $395 for air cooled generator maintenance
  • $495 for liquid cooled generator maintenance

Contact Weeks Service Company Today For More Information About Our Maintenance Plans

Our maintenance plan is one of the smartest investments you can make for your home. For pricing information and for additional details regarding this plan, contact Weeks Service Company today. We’d be happy to answer all your questions and walk you through the sign-up process!

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