Top 6 HVAC Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Now

You can find just about every answer to every question on the internet, however, sometimes the answers you find just aren’t true! There are a lot of HVAC (heating and cooling) myths circulating around that are just that – myths. Well, we are here to set the record straight. Here are the top 6 HVAC myths you should stop believing right now.

1. Myth: If Nothing Is Broken, I Don’t Need HVAC Maintenance

Many people are under the assumption that unless something isn’t working right, an HVAC maintenance isn’t all that necessary. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it – right? Wrong! Routine maintenance is important to the overall health and functionality of your heating and cooling system. It’ll help catch problems early, reduce the risk of frequent breakdowns and costly repairs, and ensure it works at maximum efficiency all year long.

2. Myth: I Only Need To Change My Air Filter Once A Year

Do you remember the last time you changed your air filter? We won’t judge… but we will tell you that you should be changing it every 1-3 months. Dirty air filters can wreak havoc on your HVAC unit and also your indoor air quality. Make sure you are changing your filters frequently.

3. Myth: Energy-Efficient HVAC Units Will Automatically Reduce Your Energy Bill

While it’s true that energy-efficient HVAC units can reduce your energy costs, that depends on a few things. First, the system must be installed correctly or sized correctly for your home. Second, you must keep up on regular maintenance checks if you want your HVAC unit to really be energy-efficient. If you just had a new HVAC unit installed and don’t see a reduction on your energy bill, it could be due to an incorrect installation or lack of maintenance.

4. Myth: You Should Turn Off Your HVAC Unit When You Leave the House

Turning off your air conditioner in the summer could cause temperatures and humidity to rise quickly in your home – which could lead to mold, bugs and pests. On the contrary, turning off your furnace in the winter could cause the temperatures to drop, which puts your pipes at risk of freezing. Instead of turning your equipment off entirely, just turn it down a couple notches. You can still save some energy this way, without putting your home at risk.

5. Myth: Turning The Thermostat Up Will Warm A Room Faster

If you want to be as warm as possible, as quickly as possible, then your first instinct is likely to turn your thermostat all the way up to achieve the comfortable temperature you’re seeking. However, this won’t heat your space up any quicker than it would if you let it gradually increase on its own. In fact, by doing this, you’re just making your heating system run longer which will only use up more energy.

6. Myth: Ceiling Fans Are Only Beneficial In The Summer

Ceiling fans are actually just as beneficial in the winter as they are in the summer. All you have to do is reverse the fan blades so they rotate clockwise. This will create a gentle updraft that will help warm a room naturally. This not only makes your space more comfortable, but it also takes a bit of pressure off your heating system.

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