September is Baby Safety Month. We all know that curious little kids love to get into anything and everything. When left alone, it can be especially dangerous if they get into something they’re not supposed to. Here are the top 6 plumbing tips for babyproofing your bathroom so you can have peace of mind and comfort knowing your tiny tot isn’t in harm’s way.

1. Lock The Toilet Seat

Toilets can be a fun place for small children. After all, they get to throw toys and other objects in this big bowl of water. Even the smallest toy, however, can cause a clog. Not to mention, if your child tries going after the toy they threw in there, they could end up falling in and drowning. Overall, toilets might be a fun play area for your baby, but it certainly can also be a dangerous one. Getting a lock for the toilet is a great way to prevent clogs from foreign objects, as well as prevent your child from getting seriously injured.

2. Buy A Non-Slip Bath Mat

Bath tub accidents are scary, and they can happen in the blink of an eye. Wet feet moving around on tile flooring can cause accidental slips. Putting a non-slip bath mat at the bottom of your tub will help prevent your child from falling and hurting themselves.

3. Install A Doorknob Cover

Babies and toddlers can be sneaky, and move quickly when you’re not looking. To prevent them from even entering the bathroom in the first place, add a doorknob cover to your door. This childproof cover is easy for an adult to turn, but extremely difficult for a little kid to figure out on their own.

4. Remove Dangerous Objects

We all have cleaning supplies and other dangerous items under our sinks that we wouldn’t want our kids digging through and opening. Consider moving those items and placing them out of reach. This also goes for items such as hair dryers and curling irons. Putting them out of reach will ensure your child doesn’t accidentally turn them on and hurt themselves. To take it one step further, put locks on your cabinets. This way, your child can’t open the cabinets even if they tried.

5. Get Anti-Scald Devices

Burn-prevention devices are great to have in the home. They can save your child from turning on the faucet and getting burnt from the scalding hot water that comes out. If your baby is old enough to start climbing up on counters, now is a good time to look at getting anti-scald devices.

6. Cover Your Drains

Kids can lodge small toys and objects down sinks and tub drains. Unfortunately, this can create clogs and backups and even lead to flooding if not taken care of quickly. Installing drain covers is a great way to ensure your child doesn’t have the opportunity to lodge any small items down your drains.

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