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Top 8 Home Plumbing Tips: Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is the perfect time to clear out unwanted items, organize old boxes, and declutter drawers and cabinets. It’s also the perfect time to make sure your home is comfortable and safe. One way you can do this is to prioritize checking on your plumbing system. Here is your ultimate spring cleaning checklist for your home plumbing.

1. Check Your Toilet

While you’re scrubbing your bathroom and cleaning your toilet, make sure to also check for leaks. Toilets can leak for a long time without you knowing about it. While spring cleaning this season, drop some food coloring into your tank and wait for 30 minutes or so. If the water in the toilet bowl doesn’t run clear, that means you have a leak and should have a professional out to take a look right away.

2. Clean Your Drains

If there are blockages or clogs in your drains, it could cause many problems – such as slow water drainage, corrosion, flooding, costly repairs, and even sewage backup. Avoid using chemical drain cleaners from the store, and invest in professional drain cleaning to help clear your drains this spring.

3. Flush Your Water Heater

You should have your water heater drained and flushed at least once a year by a professional. This helps prevent corrosion. As the water runs out of the tank, so will the sediment that has built up inside that can end up rusting and impacting efficiency. Have your water heater maintained yearly to avoid this problem. Spring is the perfect time to get a jumpstart on this!

4. Inspect Your Sump Pump

Before spring rains are in full force, make sure you check your sump pump’s ability to operate. Have a professional assess its condition, as gravel, pebbles or dirt can get caught in the pump and make it unable to operate. A plumber may also be able to tell you additional things you should add to your sump pump, which can help you in the event of flooding!

5. Clean Your Gutters

Many homeowners don’t think about their gutters much, nonetheless think about how they can be directly related to their plumbing. However, your gutters do a lot to keep your home safe from water damage. This spring, clean out your gutters, downspouts, and vent pipes to avoid a plumbing emergency.

6. Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal works hard for you, and it’s one of those things that is often taken for granted. As you’re wiping down kitchen cabinets and countertops this spring, don’t forget to also clean your garbage disposal. A simple cleaning can not only help keep it working well for you, but it can also eliminate any foul odors you may be experiencing.

7. Check For Leaks

Whether in your bathroom, kitchen, or basement, check around your home for any signs of leaks this spring. Some areas you should check for leaks include: cabinets under your sinks, puddles around bases of your tub and shower, your toilet, and beneath the water heater, dishwasher and washing machine. You can also check your water meter if you suspect you may have a leak, or contact a plumber for assistance.

8. Schedule Plumbing Inspection

Last but not least, you should plan to schedule a plumbing inspection this spring. Even if everything appears to be in good, working condition, you can never be too sure. A plumbing inspection can help you catch problems early before they become major and costly.

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