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Top Reasons Why Early Water Leak Detection Is Essential In Winter

Freezing and fluctuating low temperatures make leaks more likely to occur than other months. While detecting water leaks early on is always important, it is absolutely essential in winter – for a number of reasons.

  1. Water Can Freeze

In the winter, the cold temperatures can cause water to freeze. Once it freezes, it expands, causing your pipes to burst or crack. Burst pipes are never a fun thing for homeowners to deal with. It means leaks, possible structural damage, and a compromised plumbing system. One way to avoid this from happening to you this winter is to insulate your pipes.

  1. Damage Can Occur

If leaks aren’t detected early on, damage to your home can occur. Sometimes, leaks are hidden behind walls or under the floors and homeowners don’t notice them until they see damage. These types of leaks are the most dangerous, as they can cause you to have to replace damaged drywall or flooring – and it’s expensive. Not only can damage occur inside, but it can also occur outside. A leak that happens around your home can end up causing damage to your foundation. Since leaks aren’t always noticeable at first, there are some signs that may indicate you have a hidden leak:

  1.     Skyrocketing water bills
  2.     The sound of running water even if your faucets and toilets aren’t running
  3.     Wet or damp flooring
  4.     Foul odors, such as mildew
  5.     Wall cracks or other visible damage to your foundation
  6.     Damp or moldy drywall
  7.     You don’t have running water


  1. Save You Money

Unless you have increased activity in your home one month, such as hosting out-of-town guests or a party, your water bills are likely to be close to the same price every month. If you notice an unexplained jump in your water bill suddenly, then it could indicate you have a leak. Not only can early water leak detection save you money, but it can also give you the opportunity to catch problems early before they get much bigger – and costlier. According to the EPA, fixing water leaks can save homeowners about 10% on their water bills.

  1. Water Safety

Did you know a water leak can actually compromise the safety of your water? If you have a leaking water pipe, there’s a chance that your water supply can become contaminated. Damaged water pipes can change the water pressure which can cause that pipe to get its water externally. While we don’t know where that external water is coming from necessarily, we do know that it is most likely not safe to consume. To avoid causing harm to you and your family’s health, make sure you invest in early water leak detection.

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