‘Tis the season to pull out all the holiday décor from storage and begin decorating. When it comes to your holiday lights, you need to make sure you’re practicing safety at all times. Avoid a nightmare before Christmas with these 6 electrical safety tips!

1. Use The Right Extension Cords

Cords that are labeled for “indoor use only” should be used only inside and those labeled “outdoor use only” should be used only outside. It is a safety hazard to use indoor extension cords outside and could lead to sparking, fire and shock. Keep this in mind when hanging lights this holiday season.

2. Throw Out Damaged Cords

Before you start hanging up holiday lights this year, make sure you inspect the cords for any signs of damage. Make sure there are no frayed or bare wires, or loose connections either. If you notice any that are damaged or frayed, throw them out and get new ones. You should never use lights or cords that have damage.

3. Don’t Overload Circuits

Don’t be like the Griswold family this year! Refrain from plugging in too many lights into a single circuit because this can cause a dangerous overload. The last thing you want to deal with is a blown circuit or even a fire while just getting into the holiday spirit.

4. Use Plastic Hooks To Hang Lights

Try avoiding hanging cords with nails, tacks, or staples this year – and use plastic hooks or insulated clip hangers instead. Nails, tacks, and staples can not only cause damage to your roof, but it can also cause damage to your electrical cords by puncturing the light strands. This can be quite the electrical hazard.

5. Keep Your Tree Hydrated

Do you have a live Christmas tree this year? Make sure you’re keeping it well-watered and hydrated. This will help prevent fire hazards when your lights are turned on, as lights can generate heat. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) did a live Christmas tree burn to show how quickly a dried out tree fire burns, as compared to a well-watered tree.

6. Turn Off Lights When You Leave

Your holiday lights have the potential to overheat, which is why you never want to leave them turned on when you’re not home or when you go to sleep. Make sure you’re turning off all indoor and outdoor holiday lights to be on the safe side. Even though LED lights are much cooler, they can still overheat, so even if you have LED lights, still make sure they’re turned off.

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