It’s a new year, and a time to develop new habits, set new goals, and come up with new ideas. We often take this time to think of New Year’s resolutions we wish to set for ourselves, but have you thought about making some resolutions for your plumbing system? Here are the top 5 New Year’s resolutions you should consider for your plumbing system.

1. Address Leaks Right Away

Do you have any relatively minor leaks you’ve put off fixing? Some leaks get forgotten about because they don’t interfere with your day-to-day life. However, even small leaks can cause major damage as they get bigger. To avoid high water bills and potential water damage, it’s a good idea to have all leaks fixed right away.

2. Keep Your Garbage Disposal In Good Shape

Keeping yourself in good shape shouldn’t be your only New Year’s resolution. Also consider how you can keep your garbage disposal in good shape! Make sure you know what can and cannot go down your drains. For example, never put items like grease, oil, fat, coffee grounds, bones, poultry skins, fibrous foods, or eggshells down your drain. Your garbage disposal isn’t designed to be a replacement for a trash can, and can only chop off small bits of certain types of food. It’s also a good idea to take this time to purchase some drain strainers to help you catch any food scraps before they accidentally get put down the drain.

3. Prevent Toilet Clogs

Toilets were really designed to only handle two things and two things only: toilet paper and waste. Anything other than those two things have no business going in your toilet. Items such as paper towels, hair, garbage, toys, cotton balls, and feminine hygiene products should be disposed of in the trash. Even “flushable” wipes aren’t all that safe because they’re harder to disintegrate and don’t break down as easily as toilet paper, which can lead to clogs in our pipes and sewage systems.

4. Be More Eco-Friendly

Start the new year off by helping out the environment! A small task like turning the water off while brushing your teeth could save you thousands of gallons of water every year. Other things you can do to be more eco-friendly with your water usage is:

  • Turn the sink off while washing dishes
  • Don’t run a load of dishes until the dishwasher is completely full
  • Don’t run a load of laundry until the washer is completely full
  • Fix leaks right away
  • Take shorter showers

5. Schedule A Plumbing Inspection

Last but not least, one of the best New Year’s resolutions you can make for your plumbing system is to schedule routine plumbing inspections. It’s like a doctors appointment for your plumbing! Inspections will help ensure that everything is in great working order all year long. Your plumber will check for leaks, clear your drains, and let you know of any concerns that you should be paying close attention to.

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