Month: September 2018

When Should You Get an Electrical Safety Inspection?

when should you get an electrical safety inspection

As is the case with a lot of the resources we have access to at home, we don’t pay too much attention to our electricity most of the time. But once that valuable commodity is either lost or disconnected, we’re suddenly very aware of how important it is.

This is a situation nobody ever wants to experience, but it’s one that can sneak up on you. Of course, there are ways to ensure you take as many steps as possible to prevent it from happening, but nobody can stop everything.

One of the most effective methods of safeguarding your home’s electrical capabilities is by having an inspection performed. Not only will a technician be able to identify any problematic spots in your home’s connections, but they’ll let you know if there’s anything that requires a larger-scale repair.

An inspection is a valuable tool to use, but they’re pricey, and it doesn’t make sense to have them done frequently. So, when should you get an electrical safety inspection? The folks at Weeks Service Company have a handy list of five common scenarios when it would make sense to have one.

Before Buying a Home

There are a lot of things running through your mind during the home-buying process, and that’s understandable. You’ve got a lot on your plate, but one thing you don’t want to overlook is your new home’s electrical capabilities.

A worst-case scenario would be moving in, getting everything set up and settling in to your new home, only to realize the wires were at risk of sparking and causing a fire. Even if the wiring ends up being fine, you’d rather be safe than sorry!

Before Moving in to a Newly Built Home

This one is obviously in the same vein as the previous point. Have an electrician inspect the fresh wiring in your brand-new home and put that concern out of your mind for good.

Before or After a Major Storm

Storms are one of the major causes of severe electrical problems – one wayward lightning strike, and you could have a disaster on your hands!

If a storm is particularly nasty, go ahead and have your electrical components inspected. That way, you’ll know if your home’s grid is up the task of enduring the storm, and if it isn’t then you can adequately prepare.

On the other hand, if a storm ended up being stronger than you anticipated, it might be a good idea to have it inspected afterward to ensure nothing was permanently damaged.

Older House

Even if your home’s electrical grid was fine when you first moved in, it eventually wears down and deteriorates – just like everything else does. If your home was built 30 or more years ago, it’s probably high time to have its electrical components inspected.

As we’ve described, an electrical inspection is something that doesn’t seem too important in the moment. It can, however, save you time and money in addition to maintaining safety. Whether you’re moving in to a new home or just want the peace of mind that comes with a new inspection, Weeks Service Company has your back. Give us a call at 346-595-7575 to learn more!

Getting the Most Out of Your Generator

getting the most out of your generator

Investing in a generator is fairly high up on the list of wise decisions you could make, even though you might not have needed one before. The thing is, we don’t think about a generator most of the time — it’s only when we need one that we realize how essential they can be.

Although there might be little risk of a particularly dangerous storm that could knock your home’s power out for an extended period of time, the cost of purchasing a generator before disaster hits is well worth the benefits of having one when everything goes dark.

That said, there’s more to owning one than simply unboxing it and shoving it in corner of the garage. Like any appliance, it needs careful maintenance and check-ups to ensure it will perform the way it’s supposed to whenever you need it most. Knowing what to do to get your generator running at optimum efficiency can be tough, though. That’s why Weeks Service Co. is here to help!

We’ve got a handy list of tips for you to run through, and by doing so you’ll have the smoothest generator in town. We’re League City’s generator experts, and our technicians can help with whatever generator-related questions or problems you have – just get in touch!

Check On It Often

As we noted above, a generator needs love and care in the same way that other engine-based pieces of equipment do. To make sure it won’t cut out when you need it most, you should perform a quick check on your generator every year or so.

Just turn it on and see if it runs, first of all. After that, check to see if the oil needs to be replaced – and if you want to really be certain it will work, have your generator tuned up as well.

Switch Fuel Types

We commonly associate generators with gasoline because that’s fuel used for most designs. But you might be able to switch that out for a more efficient fuel source: propane. Liquid propane is easier to deal with than gasoline. It doesn’t go bad, so you don’t have to replace it as often, and all you have to do is swap the tank out on the generator. No more messes from trying to pour out of big gas cans!

Don’t Plug It in Directly

One mistake we see often is from generator owners plugging their unit directly into their home’s circuits. Don’t do this! You’re making a dangerous and unnecessary risk by doing that.

  • When you plug your generator in directly, you can suffer from what’s known as “back feeding,” which can be extremely dangerous because it introduces an unstable high-voltage power source into your home’s electrical grid. Not to mention, it’s also illegal.
  • Instead, use a manual transfer switch. It’s more expensive, but it gets rid of the extension cords you might be sick of while safely distributing power.

These tips barely scratch the surface for making the most out of your generator, but there are plenty more where that came from. Whether you’re prepping for a dangerous storm or just trying to add some extra juice to something that needs it, a generator can be a ton of help.

No matter what your generator is for, don’t look any further than Weeks Service Company when the time comes for maintenance, service, installation, or anything in-between. Give us a call at 346-595-7575 for more information!