Month: May 2021

How Can HVAC Equipment Shortage Impact Your Ability To Get Your AC Repaired?

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How Can HVAC Equipment Shortage Impact Your Ability To Get Your AC Repaired?

HVAC companies across the United States have been lucky throughout the pandemic as they were able to continue operating – business as usual. However, that could soon change.

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted everyone in one way or another. As for the HVAC industry, it has caused an air conditioning equipment shortage, impacting everyone from contractors, businesses, suppliers, builders, and you – the homeowner. While supplies are available, it is a good time to consider getting your AC repaired. Now is not the time to wait!

Why Is There An HVAC Equipment Shortage?

One word: COVID

The pandemic has interrupted the supply chain system and how parts get shipped out. Not only that but if there was an outbreak in any of the facilities at any point, they were required to shut down for two weeks at a time. This greatly slowed down production, and even halted production for quite some time until they were allowed back into the facilities. Raw materials that are used to build our HVAC equipment also became unavailable. These raw materials included things like raw steel, raw aluminum and copper from various parts of the world. And they are essential to the production of our AC units.

Is It Just One Manufacturer?

Unfortunately, no. The equipment shortage is a problem for all HVAC manufacturers and is not specific to a particular brand or type of unit.

How Long Is This Going To Last?

It’s hard to say, and right now, there’s no real clear answer to this question. Right now, manufacturing companies can’t keep up with the high demand for HVAC equipment. They’re simply not able to build, produce and ship out inventory as quickly as we need them to. As the demand grows, so will the pressure on these manufacturing companies.

What Does This Mean For You – The Homeowner?

With the weather warming up, now is a great time to get your AC repaired and/or replaced while you can. If you wait too much longer, there is a chance supplies will not be available. There’s nothing like a summer in League City, TX without air conditioning. The last thing you want is to be stuck without cool air in these upcoming months.

Get Your AC Repaired While Supplies Are Available – Call Weeks Today!

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