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5 Tips to Get Your AC Summer Ready

5 Tips to Get Your AC Summer Ready

There isn’t much that can beat the sweltering heat of summer better than a good air-conditioned house. During the end of a frigid winter and throughout the mild spring it’s easy to forget that the air conditioner unit will likely be on for the majority of every day in just a few weeks, and that’s just to keep things comfortable! More than half of your energy bill usually goes to the air conditioner alone on those hot summer days. If your air conditioner isn’t ready for summer, your wallet might not be either! We’ll discuss some good tips and tricks to help keep your air conditioner running smoothly and efficiently so you don’t have to sweat the temperature or your budget! Here are 5 tips to get your AC summer ready.


1. Air Filters


By far the most DIY option available is the humble filter replacement. This isn’t quite done often enough by most owners, and it shows in terms of performance. Generally, the filters should be replaced every month during the summer to ensure smooth operation. These filters are generally located somewhere accessible, and typically on a removable panel that can be unscrewed or easily removed. If a permanent filter exists, rather than replace it you’d simply clean it before reinstallation.


2. Ductwork


A little less DIY, since your ductwork is in ceilings, floors, and walls. This is best done by a professional, if possible! You can clean registers and vents, but the majority of the work will be cleaning and drying ductwork that’s collected condensation, dust, and dander. Keeping these clean and dry will prevent mold and mildew, as well as other harmful bacteria, from spreading in your home as well as improve the efficiency of your HVAC system!


3. Condensate Lines


Sometimes the lines that carry moisture away from the unit can become clogged, when this happens the water can back up into the air conditioner unit and cause water damage to your home! Track down the exit point of and ensure that water is flowing out while the system is on. If not, contact a professional immediately! If it seems more like a trickle, you might have a partial clog that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.


4. Clean the Evaporator


If you see a foil-like wrapping on the top of your air conditioner, then the evaporator can be accessed and cleaned easily. You can simply remove the evaporator from the unit and clean it with a thick wire brush and replace it, then run the system to remove any debris or grime you might’ve missed.


5. Schedule an AC Tune-Up


On our list of tips to get your AC summer ready, this is the most important: Schedule a professional AC tune-up to ensure your AC is running smoothly before things get too heated.

Consider giving the professionals at Weeks a call to set up an appointment! They can go over all the basics and answer any questions you might have – as well as cover even more that isn’t mentioned here! The qualified and licensed technicians can make the air conditioning unit run like new and you won’t have to worry about buying replacement filters, installing, cleaning, or inspecting anything!