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Should You Cover Your AC Unit for Fall and Winter?

Should You Cover Your AC Unit for Fall and Winter?

Fall has come with a touch of coolness in the air – with winter not far behind. Even in Houston and the surrounding cities, we experience a moderate change in the weather. As the leaves change and cooler temperatures creep in, homeowners begin contemplating covering outdoor AC window units and winterizing their homes.

However, consideration should also be given to winterizing your HVAC condenser. While this outdoor component was designed to withstand the worst weather conditions, it can also be compromised by several factors in the fall and winter when not in use. There are a few advantages and disadvantages to covering your AC unit. The professionals at Weeks have listed the most common issues:

Covering Outdoor AC Unit: CONs

  • Covering the entire condenser may actually trap dampness inside the unit – as a Houston fall can be both wet and muggy. Inside this component are electrical wiring and essential HVAC parts. A damp, humid interior can easily be compromised and affect the running of the HVAC.
  • Rodents and different animals look for cover from cruel winters and will sometimes seek refuge inside a covered condenser. This can lead to issues like chewed electrical wires and leaking Freon lines among other problems.
  • Most manufacturers don’t suggest covering your HVAC condenser. Forced air systems that work all year (as they sometimes do in Houston) are designed to withstand the elements and don’t always need a cover.

Most manufacturers don’t suggest covering your AC unit. Forced air systems that work all year are worked to withstand an outdoor climate and don’t need coverage.

Covering Outdoor AC Unit: PROs

  • It keeps your forced air system interior a little cleaner so it might run somewhat more productively when you use it again
  • A cover will keep fall leaves and other fall/winter detritus from coming inside the unit. Keeps water from straightforwardly laying on your loops and freezing, which could be harming.
  • A cover that guards the condenser, without touching the unit itself, such as a screen or wood box will keep the elements and animals away.

In the event that you do cover your climate control system, make sure you just cover the top to keep leaves and other detritus from falling inside the unit.

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