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Is It Safe to Troubleshoot My Electrical Problem?

“Is it safe to troubleshoot my electrical problem?” We get this a lot, and it makes sense. With the amount of technology available in the world nowadays, it’s almost inevitable that we’ll encounter electrical problems in some form or another at home. Since it seems like everything is becoming digital or electronic, it makes sense to be prepared to troubleshoot these issues.

However, it’s not always safe to attempt these problem-solving procedures. Some require more precise tinkering with the dangerous wires in your home, while others can be solved with a simple adjustment to a single component. But which is which? We’ll list a few of the more common issues and help you figure out if you can undertake the fixes yourself, or if you should just let a professional handle it.

Flickering Lights

There it goes again! If you’re experiencing frequent incidents of flickering lights, then something is obviously wrong. Pinpointing exactly where the trouble is coming from, however, is a tougher task. It could be a result of any number of things, but the most likely explanation is a faulty connection in a circuit somewhere.

Unfortunately, this isn’t something you’ll likely be able to tackle yourself. You’re better off calling an electrician to come handle this, as they’ll be able to wade through your various electrical components until they discover precisely what needs fixing.

Frequently Tripping Circuit Breaker

Few things are as irritating as tripping a breaker while you’re using some device or appliance. It’s annoying not only because the thing you’re using will immediately shut off, but you’ve also got to go find the breaker box and flip the circuit back, interrupting whatever you were doing.

The easiest way to correct this problem is by finding out what’s at fault for the tripped breaker. Take note of which appliance or piece of equipment you’re using when the breaker trips – it might be straining the electrical grid too much. Consider swapping it out for a lower-wattage unit or plugging it in somewhere else to even out the power load.


This is another tricky one to diagnose from afar. Several different things can cause power surges, like storms, faulty equipment or shoddy craftsmanship on appliances or circuit boards, to name a few. This is another case of something where it makes more sense to have a professional electrician come inspect your grid to find out what the root of the issue is.

Light Bulbs Burning Out

Light bulbs have exactly one job: to illuminate a dark spot. That makes it all the more frustrating when they burn out – but it’s not necessarily the bulb’s fault.

There could be a loose connection somewhere, or the wiring in the outlet or device itself could be faulty. Your lamp or other lighting implement might not be able to handle the wattage of the bulb you’ve placed in it, which is arguably the most common culprit.


Electrical problems can be tricky, since one wrong move can spell disaster for you, your home or your family. If you’re not too sure of the right steps to take – or if you are and would just rather have someone else take care of it – give us a call!

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