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HVAC Routine Maintenance Reasons

Routine maintenance may seem like a chore. Your HVAC unit is running perfectly fine, so what’s the point in paying to have someone come tell you that everything looks good? As it turns out, there are quite a few benefits – it isn’t just something that service providers came up with to squeeze an extra buck out of you.

To help drive home the importance of having regular HVAC maintenance on your unit, the heating and cooling experts at Weeks Service Company have a list of 4 reasons why routine maintenance on your HVAC unit is well worth whatever you pay for it!

Your Home Feels Better

One of the main benefits of routine maintenance is that it gives your technician a chance to calibrate your unit. Over time, as the heating and cooling cycles on and off, parts and connections lose their effectiveness. When a trained eye looks at the components lying in your HVAC unit, they’ll make the small adjustments necessary to raise your unit’s efficiency back to normal.

That lets your air system take it a bit easier and still heat and cool your home properly. A regularly scheduled maintenance session from a technician you trust will keep you and your family comfortable year-round.

Energy Bills Take a Dip

As we noted above, routine maintenance keeps your HVAC unit from working too hard. When it doesn’t have to overcompensate to make up for a lack of efficiency, then the energy it expends is well within normal levels. Over time, you’ll be pleased to see your energy bills steadily decrease!

Problems Get Caught Early

Although paying money for an inspection isn’t something you may be thrilled about, the idea of paying for an expensive repair is probably even less exciting. But that’s what can happen when you neglect routine maintenance!

As your unit pumps air through your home day after day, it’ll eventually wear down and need repairs or need to have smaller parts replaced. When a technician inspects it regularly, they’ll conduct a thorough check to see if they notice anything that could be a warning sign. By catching these smaller problems early, you’ll avoid the potential of a catastrophic repair that blindsides you.

You Get a Chance to Ask Questions

To top it all off, when a technician visits your home, you’ll have the opportunity to present any questions you may have about your home’s air system or HVAC unit right then and there. Although you can technically pick up the phone and call them whenever you want, there’s something about having a face-to-face discussion with someone you trust that makes you feel more comfortable.


These 4 reasons for routine HVAC maintenance certainly don’t cover the entire list of benefits. There are plenty more that we haven’t touched on, but we don’t want to take up an entire day.

However, you can give Weeks Service Company a call at 346-595-7575, and we’d be glad to go over the other reasons why this is something we recommend for all our League City and Houston neighbors!

What to Do About a Loud Furnace?

Noises of any kind that come from your furnace are usually not-great signs, but some tend to be worse than others. Depending on what you hear, you could have a serious problem on your hands – or it could be something you don’t need to worry about at all! Unfortunately, it’s tough to tell sometimes.

To help make that distinction a little bit easier, we’ve compiled a few reasons your furnace might be making certain sounds, and whether you should do something about it – or whether you can sleep easy. No matter what your furnace questions are, Weeks Service Co is here to help!

Blower Belt Issues

Some furnaces run with a blower motor, and that in turn operates by having a blower belt keep the pieces moving. Even though the belt is designed to work constantly without issue, it can eventually become loose, which will produce some strange noises.

Most often, it’ll sound like rattling. Although it’s a simple problem to diagnose, you’ll need a professional to come help you out. They’ll lubricate it if that’s all that it needs, but otherwise it might call for a whole-unit replacement depending on what caused the belt malfunction.

Loose Parts/Panels/Components

Furnaces are made up of tons of small, intricately arranged parts that all work together in conjunction to operate efficiently. Over time, these parts can become detached or loose as the furnace whirs to life over and over again.

When these parts are loose, you’ll probably notice a rattling noise coming from the furnace. It’ll likely be coming from one specific part of the furnace, and unless you know how to take your unit apart and re-assemble it, you’ll probably need an expert’s touch to help correct the issue.

Normal Contracting/Expanding

Some sounds are totally harmless. For instance, although you may hear some cracking or what sounds like a crash coming from above, there’s a good chance it isn’t anything to worry about. As heat travels through your metal ducts, the gases will expand and contract them – and the ducts will make sounds as they adjust.

So, for the most part, you don’t need to worry if you hear these sounds. But if they happen repeatedly, it might be helpful to have someone come take a look to make sure nothing’s wrong. It very well may be harmless, but the peace of mind you’ll get is extremely reassuring.

Dirty Interior

If your unit hasn’t been cleaned in a while, there’s probably a significant amount of dust or other material laying around. This affects how the hot gas in your furnace combusts and travels through the ducts, which will lead to some suspicious sounds.

Like the previous point, this usually isn’t anything you need to worry about too much. Just give someone a call if it gets to be too consistent! Of course, Weeks Service Company is here to answer any furnace-related questions or concerns you have. We can inspect your unit to ease your worries or help diagnose anything that might be troubling it. Just give us a call at 346-595-7575 and we’ll be there before you know it!